Letter of Rec.





        1.     This request must be in writing, from the Scout.  No verbal requests.  You may either present this to me on a Tuesday night or send to My home address:

Mr. Dan Guastella

Scoutmaster Troop 414

84 Parkview Drive West

Shirley, NY 11967


2.     You must include what the letter is for (college, a scholarship, etc.)

3.      If you need the letter to be addressed to a specific person please include that information as well.

4.     I will provide one copy in a sealed envelope for you to hand to your guidance counselor and another for you to keep.

5.     Please also make a note if you need a sealed copy sent to your guidance counselor, and if so you, must provide an addressed                 stamped envelope with the name, street address of the location and a stamp.

6.     Please realize that these letters require attention to detail and research regarding your Scouting record and history.  To prepare             them properly understand that it will be a minimum of 1-2 weeks before you receive the letter. 


Any questions please call me at home 631-618-7194.


-Yours in scouting,

Mr. Guastella

Instructions for requesting a Letter of Recommendation from Scoutmaster

Dan Guastella